The mud jacking process

Mud jacking is a process that was developed in 1929 by an Iowa farmer and his wife to lift county and state roads. Since then the equipment and techniques have evolved into a way to restore commercial and residential concrete to its original grade and height.

The process of mud jacking has been a proven clean, cost-effective, and non-invasive approach to lifting settled concrete for over 80 years.

3 Easy Steps

Step 1 DrillA pattern of 1 5/8" holes are drilled throughout the sunken slabs.

pumpThe mixture of Lime and water, known as a Lime Slurry, is pumped under the slab. Once any void is filled, the Lime Slurry becomes pressurized and hydraulically raises the slab to the desired height. Once the moisture leaves the Lime Slurry it becomes a dense hard base to support the concrete .

Step 3 SealThe holes are then patched with cement.