Why use mud Jacking or Concrete Lifting?

before mud jackingSunken concrete can be more than just an eye sore. Cost and liability issues can greatly increase over time. Some of the problems that are associated with sunken concrete are:

  • Trip hazards
  • Water drainage
  • Grade too steep
  • Hollow voids

Mud jacking, or concrete lifting, is a very clean, cost effective, green alternative approach to lifting your sunken concrete. Some of the benefits of mud jacking are:

  • after mud jackingCost effective (savings of 50%-75% vs replacing with new concrete)
  • Clean & quick process (usually takes 1-2 hours per job)
  • Non-invasive
  • Controlled lifting to desired height
  • Landscaping is unaffected
  • Able to reach remote or hard to access areas
  • Immediate access to lifted areas
  • "Green" (no materials in landfills;
    natural fill materials used)

mud jacking applications

Mud jacking can be successfully used in a variety of applications including (but not limited to):

• Sidewalks
• Garage floors
• Driveways
• Aprons
• Grain bins
• Roads
• Curb & gutter
• Basement floors
• Steps
• Patios
• Ramps
• Swimming pool areas
• Grouting cement block
• Void filling